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wch200899A woman walks past a panel displaying Thursday's closing blue chip Hang Seng Index in Hong Kong. Stocks closed sharply higher on Thursday on news of a potential Japanese bank merger and on hopes of progress in China's bid to join the World Trade Organization (WTO).

U.S., Australia, And Rights Group
Up In Arms Over Arrests Of Pair

NEW YORK -- Human Rights Watch called on the World Bank to press China to release an Australian and an American detained in a Tibetan minority area near the sight of a controversial Bank project, whom the Chinese confirmed Friday were being “questioned.” more...

Envoy Urges U.S. To Not Raise Bar
For China's WTO Accession

BEIJING -- China's ambassador to the United States on Thursday called on Washington not to raise the threshold for China's admission to the World Trade Organization (WTO). more...

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Pasaran Saham
Friday, August 20, 1999
Hang Seng Index
  13566.74     +1.22%  
Taipei Weighted:
  8117.42     +1.92%  
Shanghai Composite:
  1637.74 (8/19 close)     +3.53% 

Friday, August 20, 1999
Shanghai B Share:
  47.58sp;   -0.49%  
Shenzhen B Share:
    93.75  -0.16% 
Friday August 20, 1999
US$ = HK$7.76
US$ = 8.28 yuan
US$ = T$31.83
US$ = 0.94 Euro
In Business
  • Shenzhen Shares End Lower On Interim Caution
  • China Airlines Sees Profitable First Half
  • China.Com To Seek Strategic Partners
  • Hong Kong Stocks Close Higher As Hot Cash Flows In
  • Automaker’s Net Up On New Models, Lower Costs
  • Firms Punished For Tax Rebate Frauds
  • ... and more


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    China on Thursday kept up pressure on Taiwan, warning the United States that it was fully prepared to launch an attack on the nationalist island, regardless of potential costs.

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    "Democracy must be from top to bottom, orderly and step by step. If democracy is from bottom to top and sudden, it could also bring turmoil." -- Best-selling Chinese author Wang Lixiong, who sees the doomsday scenarios of his novel "Yellow Peril" coming hauntingly to life. In his 1991 novel, Beijing rains nuclear death on Taiwan as their unresolved civil war erupts again. China descends into chaos, sending millions of starving refugees spilling across its borders.

    On this day in history: August 20

    1952 -- Zhou Enlai and Mao Zedong meet with Josef Stalin and discuss how to put an end to the Korean War, which Zhou describes as ‘static.’ Stalin says that American soldiers are only interested in buying and selling whiskey, cigarettes and stockings and can’t defeat ‘little Korea.’